Discover how we are helping orphans and vulnerable children in the fishing communities of Lake Victoria Islands and learn how we desire to release God`s heart by caring for the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) with hands on mission work and prayer.


To see that all orphans and other vulnerable children on Islands of Lake Victoria live to their full potential and their rights and aspirations are fulfilled.

Why Lake Victoria Islands (Bussi Island and others)?

Bussi Island is an agro-fishing community, predominantly peasants, 97% of whom practice subsistence farming with fishing along the Lake Victoria shores. They also practice Commercial activities especially in trading centres. However, the poverty levels are high (estimated at 32.2%) as compared to the national of 25.21%. This is attributed to unemployment among the youth, negative attitude towards agriculture, inadequate entrepreneurship skills, inadequate agricultural extensional services, dependence on rain-fed agriculture, cultivation of small plots of low value crops with low yielding planting materials, low levels of formal education, negative impact of HIV/Aids to the most productive age group, gender disparities that hamper agriculture productivity and use of traditional tools like hand hoe.


To transform the lives of orphans and vulnerable children on the islands of Lake Victoria, by taking them out of anonymity and helping them to become healthy, independent and productive members of the community.

LAVICCARE desires for all orphans to have their basic needs met. These include food, clothing, shelter and attention to thier special needs may be met through programs that supply winter clothing and shoes, among others. Understanding the importance of physical touch and individual attention, LAVICCARE through Osanidde village supports programs that promote caregiving in an environment of loving interaction with the children. From birth through the teenage years, the provision of age-appropriate developmental and educational tools is crucial to an orphan's future success. LAVICCARE supports endeavors to provide books, school tuition, uniforms, shoes and toys to promote stimulation, learning and growth for the children. The ongoing care and special attention contributes greatly to the physical, emotional and mental development of the OVC.

Other programs within the care-giving focus include nanny (MAMA) training.